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Welcome to RAD design.  I share all things home decor and how to achieve amazing spaces for a fraction of the cost.



As mentioned we decided to paint all walls the same colour throughout the house to make it easy and streamlined. Resene have an amazing range of colours and a very good reputation for interior paint so that's what we went for. We (Mum & I) painted every single wall inside the house 'Concrete'. I wanted to go with something a little different to white and felt this was a good alternative being a cool grey colour. All architraves, skirting boards & ceilings were painted 'Alabaster', a very bright white which compliments the wall colour nicely. Painting sucks while you're doing it but when it's done it's so satisfying. A fresh coat of paint on the walls make an incredible difference and it's so nice to know every wall now has a clean surface. 

At first for the carpet I was thinking I wanted to go for a light grey carpet in all of the bedrooms, living room & hallway, this was not the case when we got the samples. Holding the light grey next to our wall colour I decided against it. We decided to go with a grey/charcoal nylon carpet which is hard wearing and won't fade in the sunlight. 

Right. Enough about the prep, let's get into the fun stuff! 

We didn't actually move into our place until the kitchen & dining was finished but that didn't stop me putting the other rooms together.. i'm very impatient. When furnishing all rooms in our house we still wanted to keep to a budget but still wanted the place to look finished and nice. It became my mission to find some bargains to pull together the room: Freedom, Bunnings, Kmart & Citta outlet store were well frequented to bring the rooms together. 

We didn't have to buy too much for the living room as we had a bit in storage from the apartment we were living in before moving back to Mum and Dads and Tyler's flat before that. The coffee was a steal from Citta outlet (my absolute favourite store) it came flatpack brand new in the box. Tyler had the TV from his previous flat as well as the couch from Freedom which luckily was the perfect colour for the room (luckily we moved some walls around otherwise it would have definitely not fit). The rug was one of the bargain finds from Kmart which was only about $50. We also had the black chair which was from Bunnings of all places, the Grey Sheepskin which I had got for my birthday and the "New York Man" piece of art which we was a Christmas present from my parents which I was so excited to have somewhere to hang as it had just been gathering dust leaning up against the wall at my parents house. With these items the room was pretty much furnished so we just needed a couple of items to pull the room together. 


As the room wasn't huge I knew I wanted a tall skinny sideboard for the TV. On one of my many visits to Citta Outlet I spotted the sideboard we now have and I instantly fell in love and new it would be perfect for the space but felt it was just a bit too expensive so I regretfully had to leave it behind. I shopped around to look for different options but everything was either too big, more expensive or it just wasn't right for the space. I couldn't get the gorgeous Citta piece out of my head, the detailing was just so different. After a couple more visits and managing to negotiate the price down a little bit it was coming home with us.. yay! 


Since we spent a bit more than expected on the sideboard I couldn't really buy anything else. With this I decided to do some upsycling. In storage my mum had a matching coffee & side table which were my Nanas and in amazing condition so I decided to use the side table in our living room. So nice to be able to use something of my Nana's in our place. The legs / structure of the table was a cream cane with a piece of glass sitting on top. The cream looked all wrong in the space so decided to change it to black. I found an amazing primer & paint spray paint product from Bunnings which dried matte, was so easy to use and super cheap. I was very please with the result. 

The final touches to the room was some greenery to soften it a bit. The plant on the coffee table is called a "bridal veil" which I got from Bunnings and the Orchid on the sideboard was just from The Warehouse of all places! It's surprising how much the simple things like plants can really lift the room. 

Oh and I almost forgot the sheepskin stool under "New York Man". I am currently "looking after this for my mum :)